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We strive to make sure each piece is unique and personalized to fit your needs. Whether we are designing a custom Kitchen, Staircase, Wet Bar, Closet or a simple Bookshelf, we believe that word of mouth is the best advertising available. Our greatest honor is your personal recommendation.


After spending many years working for someone else and trying to find the time for my entrepreneurial dream, we decided it was time to take the leap and work for ourselves. So, with a little bit of luck, a supportive family and a lot of hard work, we were able to embark on this journey. While It is just the four of us, we live a simple and fulfilling life here on our farm. With Brotzman’s Century Farm, we carry on the tradition of a long lineage of hard working farms in our family. Brotzman’s Century Farm specializes in grass-fed, grass-finished beef as well as Berkshire pork. Please visit for more information. While all of this is more "work" than my old job, it’s totally worth it when you love what you do!


We originally purchased a small, manual mill for our own use, that over time has transformed into a full-time business that continues to grow. The backbone of our operation consists of a Woodmizer Sawmill, Granberg Alaskan Mill for large slabs and a Nyle Dehumidification Kiln. In addition to these machines and our state of the art workshop, it is our skilled craftsmanship and dedication to our craft that sets us apart.


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